21 Easy To Make Christmas Decorations Ideas

Making Christmas and other Holiday decorations is always a fun and interesting process. Many people start to do that in their youth and continue for the whole life. Although sometimes that isn’t very easy task to create a beautiful decor. That’s cool when you have where to get a inspiration. With the inspiration christmas decorations become easy to make.

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21 Easy To Make Christmas Decorations Ideas

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33 Christmas Mantel Decorations Ideas To Try This Year

When you think of Christmas, the first thing to come to mind is family. If you have a fireplace with a mantel than probably you are wanting Christmas to decorate it. Usually mantel is a star in living room decor like Christmas tree. A lot of family photos are usually made near the mantel so everybody wants to make it decorations perfect. Here are some cool examples of fireplace mantel Christmas decorations that everybody could remember forever.

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33 Christmas Mantel Decorations Ideas To Try This Year

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Country Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

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Simple Garden Inspired Christmas Mantel

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17 Outdoor Ice Christmas Decor Ideas

Is it already cold in your hometown? If it is, you can go for pretty outdoor holiday decor that can be made only during the cold season – ice decorations. The reasons to love such décor is budget-friendliness and easiness in making. The most popular ideas are bird feeders, ornaments, wreaths and candleholders, and the instructions of making them are similar and simple: you’ll need just a mold and water. You can add anything to the decorations – holly berries, fir branches, pinecones, candy canes, leaves and herbs to get your own unique piece. If you live in a big city and don’t have a garden or a terrace, then you can decorate your balcony, hang them on the trees or put on the steps.

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17 Outdoor Ice Christmas Decor Ideas


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27 Comfy Plaid Decor Ideas For Christmas

Plaid, or tartan, is something that makes me think of coziness, comfy fall and winter days next to the fireplace with a cup of tea. Plaid is also one of the symbols of the traditional and cozy Christmas at home, and it brings festive spirit to any home. Traditionally, plaid fabrics are used to decorate inside and outside the house: table runners, napkins, garlands, wreath bows, stairs decorations and even tree skirts. Actually, you can take plaid fabric and make anything you like with it: blankets, furniture covers, ornaments, add bows to everything. You can also find non-typical plaid things like tableware, candleholders and so on. Get inspired by the ideas below and bring cozy touches to your home at Christmas!

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27 Comfy Plaid Decor Ideas For Christmas


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Cozy Plaid Decor Ideas For Christmas

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Plaid & Berry Stair Garland

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Plaid Christmas Mantel

Plaids and Tartan

Red Plaid Ornaments

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Vintage Mirror

Winter decorating with natural materials

Xmas Decor Ideas


28 Glittering Gold Christmas Decor Ideas

Gold is a great festive color for any holiday, especially Christmas as it’s glittering and warming up. You can easily create a festive mood using it in decor and announce the coming of Christmas. Gold wreaths and garlands, gold table runners and napkin rings, gold ornaments and candleholders will make your home sparkle and ready for the cutest holiday of the year. Gold mixes well with red, green, silver, black and ivory or white, so you can add various shades for creating a contrast. You can easily decorate your home making pretty gold DIYs without spending much time and money. Get inspired by the ideas below and get ready for Christmas with these shining ideas!

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28 Glittering Gold Christmas Decor Ideas

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Sparkling Gold Christmas Decor

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Vintage ornaments and mercury glass are given a subtle hint of coastal charm with a starfish among the mix

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31 Gorgeous Christmas Stars Decorating Ideas

Stars are one of symbols of Christmas and are very hot for holiday decor. There are so many ideas of using them for Christmas! Take different ornaments of various materials – of buttons, felt, twigs, bells, sweets, wood, even cookie stars. Star-shaped lights are ideal not only for holiday decor but also just to add some romance. If you like, you may add some DIY touch – make a star decoration yourself – of paper, ribbon, lace, cardboard and so on. Decorate your windows, stairs, walls and mantel, add stars to the centerpiece and enjoy your winter holidays!

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31 Gorgeous Christmas Stars Decorating Ideas

A Lovely Display

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Christmas Star Decor Ideas

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Decorate The Wall

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Felt Stars

Great Christmas Decorating Ideas With Stars

Hang It From The Door

Hanging Bright Stars

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Starry lights

White Christmas stars

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25 Stunning Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Christmas dinner is one of the most important meals of the year – everybody gathers together, enjoy the dinner and communication with each other. How would you decorate your table for Christmas? There is plenty of ideas: hundreds of shades of colors, patterns, centerpieces and various tableware. Make it traditional – red and white or brown, enjoy something fresh and modern – rose, light blue, green; don’t forget of gold and silver – these are regal colors! Take beautiful and holiday tableware – with stamping, patterns and of different colors and with Christmas inscriptions. Add some colors, fruit and pinecones on the plates to decorate them and the napkins. Put a corresponding centerpiece onto the table and enjoy your holiday dinner!

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25 Stunning Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Amazing Table Decorations

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Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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Cool Green Christmas Decor

Creative christmas craft ideas

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Simple but Spectacular Christmas Decor Ideas

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Table Christmas tree

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Xmas table decor ideas


23 Aromatic Cinnamon Christmas Decor Ideas

Cinnamon decorations are not only beautiful but also very aromatic. They are ideal not only for autumn decor but also for winter ones. You can easily decorate your home with cinnamon sticks that will bring the festive spirit and aroma. The easiest way to decorate the home with these sticks is to put them onto the placemats or into some bowls with pinecones and fruit. Make a pretty Christmas ornaments using cinnamon sticks, cranberries and dried fruit. Attach them to the wreath or around the candles to make them look Xmas-like. Look for more cool ideas below and craft some cool cinnamon decoration for this Christmas!

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23 Aromatic Cinnamon Christmas Decor Ideas

Aromatic Cinnamon Decor Ideas For Christmas Finished With Brown Color

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Christmas Greece

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Cinnamon Christmas Decor

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Gifts for Xmas Day

Ideas & Inspirations Lush Ideas

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Picture Of Aromatic Cinnamon Decor

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Xmas Table Decor


10 Awe-Inspiring Traditional Christmas Tree Alternatives

If you wanna be very original, if don’t want to decorate your house in a traditional way, if you wanna see modernism in your house, substitute a traditional tree with something cool and unusual.  Use a usual tree – not a fir tree and paint it with gold or white and decorate as a usual tree. Create a tree of grass and decorate it with shells – that’s a marine theme of decoration. Create a garland installation on the wall – that’s cool, gives a feeling of celebration and won’t take much time to make. Felt and feather fir trees are ideal to put on the table. Hang some balls in the mirror frame in the shape of a fir tree or take some branches and put the decorations down – that’s very modern and futuristic. Use your imagination and don’t make restrictions!

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10 Awe-Inspiring Traditional Christmas Tree Alternatives

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Awesome Traditional Christmas Tree

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17 Wonderful Christmas Tree Alternatives Ideas

A while back we showed you how you can completely change your christmas decor with an alternative christmas tree. We’re ready to show you some more interesting ideas showing how you can do that. You can have different reasons to use an alternative christmas tree. That could be as lack of space for a natural one as the wish to make your decor unusual. In any way you won’t lose christmas spirit with any of such trees. Most of them you can even make by yourself.

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17 Wonderful Christmas Tree Alternatives Ideas

Alternative Christmas Tree Of Junk

Amazing Christmas Tree Alternative

Antique French Bottle Drying Rack

Books Christmas Tree

Chalk It Up Christmas Tree Alternative

Christmass Tree Alternative Of Pillows

Cool String Light Christmas Tree Alternative

Ladder Christmas Tree Alternative

Mirror Christmas Tree Alternative

Musical Christmas Tree

Outdoor Christmas Tree Alternative

Painted Christmas Tree On Pin-Up Board

Rustic Christmas Tree Of Planks

Simple To Make Natural Christmas Tree Alternative

Tree Branch Christmass Tree Alternative

Wall Painted Christmas Tree

Wall Shelf Christmass Tree Alternative