27 Amazing Master Bedroom Designs To Inspire You

Although I’m sure you already have plenty of master bedroom designs in mind, before you start decorating the room you must pay attention to the basics. By definition, the master bedroom is usually the largest one in the house but there are also other elements that capture the essence of the concept. It normally includes more than just the basic amenities and it’s up to you to decide what they are.

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27 Amazing Master Bedroom Designs To Inspire You

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21 Stunning Purple Bedroom Designs For Your Home

Do you want to create an enchanting and fascinating bedroom that is full of sophistication? Then we suggest you go for a purple tone. In history, this shade symbolizes imperialism and royalty. You could only imagine who wore this kind of color before! Today, it is one of the fashionable colors and is enjoyed by about anyone who wants it. Like any other colors, purple has different tints and hues. From the deep, rich tone to its light, pastel shade, there is no room in a house that will not look pleasing and regal when used in interiors.

Let us rediscover our passion for this magnificent color with our 21 Stunning Purple Bedroom Designs For Your Home. We are definite you are going to love them, because we do!

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21 Stunning Purple Bedroom Designs For Your Home

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17 Inspiring Striped Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas

Got a boring bedroom ceiling? Well, there are lots of things you can do to it. I think you saw our post about different interior ceilings. It will surely give you ideas on how you can treat this part of our house. But today, we will feature one cute way to add some life to it and that is by painting stripes or using striped wall paper.

The bedrooms with striped ceilings that we have collated are varying from a master bedroom to a teenager’s bedroom. But what I have observed is that it is widely used in nursery rooms. Well, I can’t blame these parents who used it for their little one’s nursery because of how cute stripes really are. Using stripe could make the room appear larger as it draws the gaze from one end to another. Here’s what we collated for you.

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17 Inspiring Striped Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas

Black And White Striped Bedding With Gold Heart Sloped


Brooklyn’s Nursery

CDA Interior Design

Chelsea II

Chic Contemporary Rustic Home

Crown – Monet Model

Hamptons Showhouse

Modern Bedroom


Ocean Themed Bedding Bedroom Beach with Black Curtain Rod Blue

Pink & Turquoise Big Girl Room

purple striped ceiling

Striped Bedding Bedroom Rustic with Animal Hide Bench Antler Art

Striped Blue White Rug In Exquisite Interior Design

striped bunk bed

Tween Bedroom with Turquoise Striped Ceiling


17 Cathedral And Vaulted Ceiling For Bedrooms

Most bedrooms have simple ceilings but there are also some that are intricately decorated. The design will depend on the kind of motif or style of the bedroom. But there are also bedrooms that apply a particular type of ceiling like a cathedral ceiling and a vaulted ceiling. If you think, the two are just the same, you are wrong because there is a difference between them. While both makes a bedroom look bigger, the two differ on the design.

A cathedral ceiling is two equal, sloping sides that are parallel to the pitch of the roof where the two sides slope and meet at a ridge that runs across the length of the room. A vaulted ceiling does not have two equal, sloping sides that are parallel to the roof’s pitch. Now that you know the difference of the two, let us take a look at some bedrooms that were designed with these kinds of ceilings. Aside from the ceiling, take a look at the design of the bedrooms too.

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17 Cathedral And Vaulted Ceiling For Bedrooms


Bonefish Bay

Country House 1

Custom Residence

Elk Ridge Lodge Interior

French Country Estate

Glendora Avenue Dallas

Gray and white with fireplace and pretty cathedral ceiling

Hamptons Style

Mandeville House

Master Bedroom with vaulted ceiling with low profile coffer and bead board

Mastro Residence

Ocean Blvd

Owners Bedroom

Urrutia Design

Vaulted Ceiling With Feminine Chandelier

Yellowstone Residence Bedroom


27 Trendy Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

Turquoise is known as a rare and valuable stone used for ornamentation. The unique combination of blue and a small amount of yellow gives this gem its greenish-blue glow. In recent times, turquoise has been known as a color rather than a valuable gem. It has been used as a fashionable color for themes and motifs in celebrations like weddings, birthdays, baptisms and baby showers. More and more people are drawn into this color because of its bizarre and vibrant quality that is not overpowering. It encourages serene and happy mood.

Since turquoise looks good in clothing and accessories, might as well see how good this color is when used in bedroom decorations. I have seen a lot of accent items that wear this color and all of it bring instant boost in the space. It bears coolness of blue, a refreshing and inviting calmness of green with the fun and uplifting energy of yellow. It is such a pretty color that can enliven any space in an instant, so why not bring it to your bedroom interiors! Let us take a look at these 27 Trendy Turquoise Bedroom Ideas to incorporate this amazing color in your sweet retreat.

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27 Trendy Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

Black White and Turquoise Bedroom

Chartreuse And Turquoise

Chic With Gold


Dress ‘Em Up

Fabric Pattern

Fashionable Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

Get Framed

Gray and Turquoise Bedroom

Hang It

House of Turquoise

Light Up

Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

Minty Bed

More Greens

Pops Of Turquoise


Sitting Pretty

Striking Wall Art

Striped Walls

Turquoise And Pink

turquoise bedroom

Turquoise Bedrooms

Turquoise Canvas

turquoise color range wall paints bedroom bed

Turquoise, gray, and white teen bedroom



27 Stylish Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas For Men

Most single men who lives on their own gets a bachelor’s pad. I honestly love the way a bachelor’s pad looks like because of its masculine look and how practical they all are. Well, you know men. We don’t want complex things and want everything to be direct, clear and organized. No time for confusion and for digging into deep treasures because men aren’t as patient as women. That is why, you can observe that a bachelor’s pad is organized and well-arranged. Well, that is a good thing. Today, we are going to show you some inspiring photos of bachelor’s pad bedrooms.

Most of the time, a space for a man has colors gray, white, blue and black. Although others also add some bright colors as accents in them. But even if the spaces don’t have many colors, they all look very beautiful. There is really something nice about men’s bedrooms. There is no need to add many decors as long as it is functional and it suits their lifestyle. Then it is okay. We have collated some bedrooms that would be perfect for a bachelor’s pad. Come take a look! In the end, tell me which one you like best!

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27 Stylish Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas For Men

A Bold and Textured Bachelor Pad

An Inviting New York City Bachelor Pad

Apartment 70m


Appartament Ideas

bachelor pad bedroom decor ideas

Bachelor Pad Bedroom

bachelor pad bedrooms

Bachelor Pad in Tribeca

Bachelor’s Apartment in Taiwan

Bedroom Attic

Bedroom Bricks

Bedroom Decor Ideas for Men

Bedroom Leaves

Bedroom Man

Bedroom more

Bedroom Skylight

Black Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas

Boy’s Dream Pad

Furniture Factory Composition Pelican

Industrial Bedroom

King West Condo

Loft Dreamcatcher

Masculine Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

Masculine Bachelor Bedroom

Men's Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

Most Eligible Bachelor

Travel Bedroom

Trendy Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas

Young Adult Male Bedroom


20 Splendid Brown and Blue Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

Funny thing about saying that brown is actually the new black when it comes to decorating because honestly speaking, nothing can really replace black in design because of it being a classic. But because brown is a rich neutral color, it pretty much goes well with almost every other hues, this color has become increasingly popular when paired with blue. This color combination can make any bedroom feel especially cozy.

The colors blue and brown are both natural colors that represent the earth and the sky – they both have this natural calming effect which is always a good thing, right? Consider the following photos of the 20 Splendid Brown and Blue Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love which makes the spaces feel as comfortable and inviting as it actually looks. When we talk about browns, remember that the can be paint or natural color of the wood. Check it out!

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20 Splendid Brown and Blue Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

Atlanta Green Home

Blue And Brown Bedroom Decorating Idea

brown and blue bedroom master

Brown and Blue Bedroom

Brown And Blue Living Room Decorating Ideas

Browndale Avenue

Burlington Contemporary Guesthouse

Cape Shores Guest Room

Dallas Master Bedroom

Eastern Shore Residence

Four Seasons Contemporary

Greenwich, CT Home IV

Los Angeles Contemporary Bedroom

Masculine Master Bedroom

Masterpiece Blue Bedroom Design Ideas

Miami Traditional Bedroom

Moulton Layne Residence

New York American Beauty

San Diego Contemporary Bedroom

San Francisco New Project


20 Elegant French Bedroom Design Ideas

If you love to pay attention to details so much, you may want to take a good look at our 20 Elegant French Bedroom Design Ideas. French designs are now getting more and more popular in bedroom decoration. Its combination of exquisite lines and culture is paving its way to people with delicate taste. The feminine touch and elegance will take you back to the time when Kings and Queens reign. The comfort and the beauty that this design brings can make your bedroom a wonderland.

In this article you will learn how to incorporate French designs in a bedroom. You will see various styles that you will surely love. Since French touch is versatile, you can do it chic, country or even pull it off in a modern bedroom design. There are a lot of other ways that you can add glamour and elegance to your bedroom by using French flair to it. So be our guest and browse through our gallery for a sophisticated approach in decorating your bedroom French-style.

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20 Elegant French Bedroom Design Ideas


Cantera Elegance

Cathy Kincaid

Chic french bedroom design

Enchanted Oaks

French Bedroom Ideas

French Bedroom

French Country Bedroom Decor

french country bedroom

French-Inspired Design Ideas

Georgian Cottage

Irina Vorontsov

Kiawah Island Residence

Lovely In Lilac

Master Bedroom

Nella Vetrina

Pretty in Pink

The French Bedroom Company

Weston Residence

White French bedroom


25 Cool Bedroom Headboard Decor Ideas

Most of the time, we can see how females decorate the bedroom with floral prints and different textures. We can easily tell if the space is owned by a lady the way it is decorated and the colors it used. When decorating a bedroom or any space for a man, the approach would be different. Even the color scheme would be different too.

We have just featured a list of headboards that are stylish and dreamy perfect for ladies. This time, we created a list that is perfect for men. Who says a man’s space couldn’t look creative and stylish? Some of the bedrooms don’t necessarily use a headboard but have decorated the wall of the headboard part which can also be a good take for creating a bedscape.

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25 Cool Bedroom Headboard Decor Ideas

Austin Family Residence

Bungalow Designer Spotlight

Calvin Street

Cowhide headboard

Custom Transitional Home


DIY Headboard Projects

diy pallet headboard ideas

Fifth Ave Street Minimal

Headboard Ideas

Juniper Hills Ideas

Juniper Hills

Man Headbarding Bedroom

Modern Portfolio

Outstanding Tufted Headboard

Primrose Hill

Private House Cotswolds


Senoia Farmhouse

Smart DIY Headboard Designs

Union Square Loft

West 2nd Street, North Vancouver

West Chelsea Studio

Wooden Headboard Ideas

Marine Loft


17 Charming Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

One of the favorite spaces we have at home could be the ones that’s been carved out what was once an empty attic or maybe a basement – really depending on your call. These spaces make you feel cozy, hidden and pretty much special. The sloped ceilings enhance the experience for the space, won’t you agree? The truth is, whether we deny it or not, that sloped ceiling in your homes are here to stay.

We’re sure that almost every house has that one quirky, awkward room with the slanted ceiling. Comparing the attic to basement like what we mentioned above makes us want to really regret it, but believe it or not, rooms with slanted or sloping ceilings can really be a charmer. But, as charming as they are, they also can leave you scratching your head as you try to come up with a design that makes the most of the space. So, for today, we will be showing you 17 Charming Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas, here we go!

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17 Charming Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

Atherton Estate

Brookside Retreat

Charming Sloped Ceiling Bedroom

Cole Valley

Huron Village Residence

Key Largo

Kid's room with sloped ceiling

Lynda’s Bedroom

Mill Valley

Montclair Victorian

Quaise Road

San Carlos Residence

Sea Cliff

Trinidad Drive

Walk-in attic closet features a sloped ceiling lined with rustic wood beams

Waterfront Luxury Home On Lake Travis

Wine Country Private Residence And Office