41 Stunning Purple Halloween Decor Ideas

Purple is a very beautiful and dramatic color, and what can be better for Halloween decor? It will look amazing, believe me! Make or buy some cool lilac or purple wreath of the shade you like and decorate your entrance door. Sparkling purple pumpkins? Yes, please! They add a charming rustic touch while adding to the style. Purple light is fantastic, it creates a mood and will help you with your decor. Choose different purple accessories like candles, candleholders and tableware. Buy original purple food – it looks so unusual! Look for some awesome purple ideas below and organize a cool Halloween party!

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41 Stunning Purple Halloween Decor Ideas

Awesome Purple Halloween Decor

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Black and purple colour scheme for a chic Halloween candy table

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black and purple halloween table decorations

Black and purple Halloween table setting

Black fabric sash and purple LED lights


Concrete Pumpkin Project

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dry ice halloween drinks

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Halloween Decorations Ideas

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Kid Friendly Halloween Party Halloween


Perfectly Purple Halloween Decor

petit four

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Purple Gothic Halloween Decorations

Purple Halloween Decor Ideas

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Purple Halloween Decoration

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Purple Halloween Design Ideas

Purple halloween design

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Purple Halloween Home

Purple Halloween Room

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Purple Wreaths

Skillful Black And Purple Bedroom Decorating

Stunning Purple Halloween