39 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Home Fall

We’ve already told you how to use autumn leaves in your home decor. Yeah, leaves are the cheapest and the simplest idea but pumpkins! There’s nothing better than a colorful pumpkin for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor (and later you can cook them, too). We’ve gathered a bunch of ideas of how to decorate a pumpkin and where to use it after. Dozens of patterns and design ideas; unusual colors look fantastic on the tables, mantels and shelves. Don’t like regular bold pumpkins? Take a twig or velvet version and enjoy the look! Include your pumpkins into centerpieces and table and room decor, put them on pedestals or in baskets to achieve a cozy rustic touch – pumpkins are perfect as a fall décor piece!

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39 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Home Fall

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