33 Stunning Kitchens Design With Exposed Wood Beams

Exposed wooden beams is what gives any space a character, and if they are restored ones, it’s even history. I love kitchens with wooden beams because they look dreamy and just amazing, they help you to create a real heart of any home, where everyone would gather. Beams can suit any decor style – farmhouse, rustic, modern, minimalist, glam, masculine or feminine, art decor and so on, they perfectly fit any kitchen. I also love the idea of vertical beams as they continue décor and help you dividing zones, for example, separate cooking and eating spaces. Look at the beautiful ideas below and I’m sure, you’ll feel inspired!

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33 Stunning Kitchens Design With Exposed Wood Beams

amazing wooden kitchen idea

wood beams in kitchen

White walls and exposed wood beams

white kitchen with beams

vaulted ceiling exposed beams

Timber Frame Kitchen

small modern rustic kitchen

rustic wood kitchen island

rustic wood beams kitchen

Rustic Kitchens

rustic industrial kitchen design

Rustic farmhouse kitchen design

moroccan kitchen


Kitchen With Exposed Wooden Beams

kitchen with exposed beams

kitchen with exposed beam

Kitchen Island with Legs

Kitchen Designs With Exposed Wooden Beams

Kitchen Designs With Exposed Wooden Beam

kitchen design

Kitchen Ceiling Beams

inviting kitchen with exposed wooden beams

industrial style kitchen

ikea ingolf bar stool

Fabulous Country Kitchen Designs

Exposed Wood Beams

Exposed Wood Beam Kitchen

Exposed Beam

Expose Your Rusticity With Exposed Beams

brick flooring in kitchen

border oak kitchens

barn kitchen