33 Cozy And Inviting Barn Bedroom Design Ideas

Going to make a house in an old barn? Great! Such a space is inviting, charming and with a ready vintage touch. Here are some examples of bedroom design created in a barn, have a look. The designers usually leave wooden beams or stone clad (depending on the barn) as they are to add charm. The interior may be done in any style and color you prefer – vintage, minimalist, romantic, rustic or any other and from dark gray to sweet pink. Modern furniture looks amazing on the background of old walls. Some coziness can’t be abundant: Soft Mattress, a fireplace, a bathtub, an antler on the wall or an animal skin on the floor will give the sought cozy touch. Enjoy the ideas below!

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33 Cozy And Inviting Barn Bedroom Design Ideas

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Barn Bedroom Design Ideas

Barn Bedroom Design

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Bedroom Design Ideas With Barn Door

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