33 Cottage Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire You

These days, the trend in kitchens seems to be towards brightness and whiteness: light colors, light marble, shiny subway tile. With this article, we’re taking things in the opposite direction: we’ve rounded up kitchens that are rustic, warm, dark, cozy — the perfect kitchen for the cozy cottage of your dreams. Rustic wooden and brick walls, rustic shabby kitchen islands, old hearths and fireplace – all these things will help you to make your kitchen cozy and inviting. Go for vintage and shabby chic furniture and don’t hesitate to use dark shades as they make a statement. Enjoy the kitchens below and get inspired!

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33 Cottage Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire You

white kitchen cabinets with wood floors

vintage cottage kitchen

Traditional Cottage Kitchen

Tiny home cottage kitchen

The cottage style kitchen

The cottage style kitchen ideas

The Cottage Kitchen Design

small cottage kitchen

Small Cottage Kitchen Design Idea

Our Best Cottage Kitchens


kitchen with back door

Kitchen idea

french country kitchen

french country cottage kitchen

french cottage style kitchens

cute small cottage kitchens

Cute cottage kitchen

cozy small cottage kitchen

Cozy Cottage Kitchens

Cozy and Minimalist Cottage Kitchen

country home cottage kitchen

Country Cottage Kitchens

Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Kitchen Renovation

Cottage Kitchen Inspiration

Cottage Kitchen Design Ideas

Cottage Kitchen Backsplash

Charming Cottage Kitchens

Charming Cottage Kitchens

Beaded Board

Beach Cottage Kitchen

amazing cottage kitchen