33 Cool Geometric Living Room Design Ideas To Rock

Geometric design is perfect for any modern space, it’s timeless and its touches can be perfect for any decor style. Today we’ll take a look at the using geometric prints and designs in living room decor. Shelves, stools and chairs, sofas and sideboards in geometric shapes or just with geo patterns can be a cool base for a stylish living space. Another way to incorporate geometric patterns is going for textiles: curtains, rug and upholstery – it’s easy to make and very budget-friendly. If you are ready for more radical changes, then try painting wall and floors; a statement geometric lamp or chandelier can be a cool finishing touch. Enjoy the pics below, I’m sure you’ll find something inspiring!

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33 Cool Geometric Living Room Design Ideas To Rock

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awesome gemteric living room furniture

Awesome Geometric Living Room

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black and white rug geometric living room

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Cosy light grey living room

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ferm living spear cushion

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Geometric Living Room Decoration Patterns

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Geometric Living Room Design

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place de bleu living room

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stylish geometric decor ideas

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west elm geo rug

White and grey living room with pops of pepper & lemon and use of geometric patterns