23 Living Room Designs With Vaulted Ceiling To Get Inspired

Vaulted ceilings were used only in cathedrals or basilicas. This type of ceiling makes one space look rather large than it should be – a play in the eyes. Optical illusion aside, the main character of vaults is give resistance to the walls and the ceiling too. There are a couple of kinds of vaults, some of them are the barrel vault, groin vault, rib vault and fan vault. You can go ahead and get your dictionaries to check on their definitions.

The photos that we have of the 23 Living Room Designs With Vaulted Ceiling To Get Inspired is but the modern implications of the vaulting techniques that we had centuries ago – when what was popular then was domes. Domes represent the widest sense of the word vault. Yet again, they have their difference which you can definitely check out online.

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23 Living Room Designs With Vaulted Ceiling To Get Inspired

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