23 Inspiring Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas

Eclectic style decor is a spectrum of mismatched colors, patterns, textures and materials, in general the eclectic style can be describe as taking everything that you like from each decor style and apply it in the interior. We love the bold and inspiring nature of this interior style and we think that is perfect for every room in the house, including the kitchen. The eclectic kitchen includes merging of various styles, for instance adding contemporary kitchen island and mis-matching it with exposed wood beams. If you are fan of the eclectic style and you want to boost up the contemporary and modern ambiance of the kitchen, why not choosing this decor style. We’ve gathered a showcase of 23 Inspiring Eclectic Kitchen design that could provide you with fun ideas that you can use. Take a look at the showcase below and enjoy!

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23 Inspiring Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas

Apothecary style cabinets in the eclectic kitchen

Bright Eclectic Kitchen With Island Seating

Contemporary eclectic kitchen

countryside residence with eclectic kitchen interior design

Eclectic Kitchen by Kendall Simmons Interiors

Eclectic Kitchen by Maureen Stevens Design

eclectic kitchen design farmhouse

Eclectic kitchen design ideas

Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas for Cabinets

Eclectic kitchen design ideas

eclectic kitchen design various kitchen chairs

eclectic kitchen design with neutral colors

Eclectic Kitchen Design With None

eclectic kitchen design

Eclectic kitchen makes clever use of the corner space

Eclectic kitchen with a splash of shabby chic panache

eclectic sophisticated kitchen blair harris-jessica

Eclecticism in the kitchen

Elegant blend of eclectic and industrial styles in the kitchen

Glorious Barn Door Hardware Decorating Eclectic Kitchen design ideas

Lighting Eclectic Kitchen For Small Kitchen

Mix color and pattern in the eclectic kitchen with wallpape

Retro Kitchen Decorating Ideas Eclectic design ideas