20 Modern Family Room Design Ideas To Try Everyday

Ever wonder why there is a so called living room and family room? Well, we are sure you are kind of confused about what makes a family room. A family room is designed for relaxing where certain activities can be done like watching television, reading, playing games and others while a living room has a more formal setting for entertaining guests. You will find more comfortable seats in the family room like leather couches, loungers, recliners and others. The living room usually considers style before function where you can find fashionable chairs and furniture.

Aside from those mentioned, a family room is usually located at the back of the house and would be near the kitchen, bedroom and even the outdoor area while a living room is located at the front of the house to welcome guests. Now, we have gathered images of modern family rooms so you can get inspiration from these designs.

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20 Modern Family Room Design Ideas To Try Everyday

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