17 Country Living Room Design Ideas That You’ll Love

We are not sure if you have noticed that most homes outside the city observe the use of country style. Cozy homes with colorful drapes and sofas, comfy chairs and wonderful lamps. Most of the house is also made of wood rather than concrete or some other material that homes in the cities prefer to use. It is basically because this type of design is gracious and inviting. Somewhat warm, cozy and really comfortable.

This may be the reason why most of the rest house we see in movies or that our families have usually feels country because we want to go away from what we regularly have – concrete walls! They usually signify strength and the feeling of being enclosed in a space, where in, when we go country, homes are usually wide open, really graceful and somehow happy-looking! We will be showing you 17 designs of living rooms which are country inspired and we are pretty sure you would like it. Here they go!

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17 Country Living Room Design Ideas That You’ll Love

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cottage country living room with brown leather sofas

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