10 Cool Floating Staircase Designs

There are usually two kinds of people, ones that likes floating staircases and want to have them at their homes, and ones that think that such staircases are dangerous. Floating staircases are usually very elegant, stylish and minimalist. They are perfect for modern interiors and for those people who like to live on the edge. Sometimes they have railings on the side, sometimes they haven’t. Ones that haven’t are definitely dangerous so they could be used only if you haven’t kids. Some of floating staircases are good looking enough to become the centerpiece of the ground floor of any house. In case you’re thinking about designing such staircase in your home check out cool floating staircases designs we could find.

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10 Cool Floating Staircase Designs

black and white floating staircase

cool floating staircase design

design stairs

Dramatic floating staircase

Floating Stairs

modern floating staircase

salon floating staircase

Minimalist Interior Design Staircase

ideas for floating stair case

unique staircase design